Myoma Myint Kywe quotes

Myoma Myint Kywe quotes  

By- Su Su San

·       We must control our tongues forever.

·       Let us cultivate true love and real compassion.

·    Right understanding, right thinking, right concentration, right mindfulness and right effort etc are very needed excellent.

·       Forgiveness is a virtue. Forgiveness is better than fighting
·   Patience is a virtue. Patience is better than fighting. (BUT, . Patience has its LIMITS. Take it too far and it is cowardice).  

·   Fighting (counterattack/ fight back) is better than surrender. 
·   Counterattacking (fight back) is the BEST when someone trying to kill you on the road and everywhere. 
·   You can SAVE and SURVIVE yourself from when facing any dangerous situation and dangerous attackers on you.

·       Don't forget parent and teachers' gratitude.

·       Honest man is greater than success man.

·       An honest man is maybe not skillful in jobs but you teach him how to do skillful in job, we can trust in him and you should become rely on him.

·       No perseverance, no success.

·       Success is no accident.

·       Everyone should not be poisoned by the seven poisons such as: greed, anger, hatred, stupidity, conceit, jealousy and malice.

·       Everyone should abstain from all evil, killing, committing murder, suicide, stealing, lying, betraying, sexual misconduct, adultery, polygamy, homosexuality, intoxication, and bullying.

·       We should always maintain HONESTY and HUMILITY.

·       We should do to cultivate the power of COURAGE by strengthening our mind and body and overcoming any difficulties in our life.
·       We should stand in truth and we must stand for truth.
·       We should stand for JUSTICE and we must stand for JUSTICE.
·       We should abstain from hypocrisy, pessimism and terrorism.

·       Stop the hatred.

·       Reduce the hatred.