The Ways of Real Peace Researched by- Myoma Myint Kywe ၿမိဳ ႔မ-ျမင့္ၾကြယ္

The Ways of Real Peace By- Myoma Myint Kywe
Researched by- Myoma Myint Kywe
ၿမိဳ ႔မ-ျမင့္ၾကြယ္
This article entitled "The Ways of Real Peace" was compiled for the Burmese youth and International youth in the World.

20 Facts for Truth

1. Right Thought
2. Right Understanding
3. Read the Valuable books
4. Collect the knowledge for Conscience
5. Self Verification
6. Confirmation for Truth
7. Verification on every Doctrine of one’s own Beliefs and Thoughts
8.”Thesis” on the Facts
9.”Synthesis” on the Facts
10.”Hypothesis” on the Facts
11. Re-check on the all results and all learn by-experience
12. Choose the truth
13. Use Logical Arrangement
14. Right perseverance
15. Self Criticism (Auto Critique)
16. Abstain from Bias
17. Choice between Positive and Negative Self views
18. Daily practice The Real Truth
19. Right Action with Right Effort
20. Excellent Effort with Excellent Action
These 20 facts are necessary to be real Truth.
Lord Buddha points out that morality is more valuable than wealth and health. It’s indeed our most precious possession. The best morality is to do good, to avoid all evil and to keep our mind pure. In order to have good morality, we must observe five moral precepts.
These are the avoidance of killing, stealing, raping (or) sexual misconduct, lying and taking intoxicants’. If everyone abides by their precepts, all living beings can live peacefully and happily. We will enjoy world peace. So we should avoid bad companions and associate with good companions. Pride and vanity will bring a fall.
Truth is noble and honesty is the best policy. Be honest with yourself, others. When you are honest, you will be trusted by the Lord Buddha (B.C 623- B.C 543) and Lord Jesus Christ(B.C 5- A.D 30) and by those around you. Dishonesty hurts you and usually hurts others as well. When you lie, steal, shoplift (or) cheat you damage your spirit and become less able to do good things. Be honest in your job, giving a full amount of work for your pay.
Following points should be observed to do.......
  • Pure mind
  • Good behaviour
  • Politeness and gentleness
  • Loving kindness
  • Good perseverance and endevour
  • Skillful at work
  • Excellent performance
  • Study skillful in education
  • Self discipline
  • Self confidence
  • Self respect
  • Self control
  • Compassion
  • Forgiveness
  • Humanitarian vision
  • Tolerance
  • Humility
  • Honesty
  • Scientific hypothesis
  • Scientific simplicity
  • Optimistic view
  • Reasonable thinking
  • Humanism and justice
  • Mutual respect
  • Mutual understanding
  • Truthfulness
  • Mental attitude
  • Sympathy
  • Abide by the laws
  • Logical arrangement
  • Religiousness
  • Relaxation
  • Peace and security
  • Respect and appreciate of others.
  • Refrain from being extreme
  • Refrain from all evil
  • To do what is good
  • Respect and recognition for the human rights and human dignity others.
These above good qualities are necessary to be perfect.
The Lord Buddha correctly says that there is no greater gift than good health. It is most important that we take care of ourselves to be healthy and sound. We must try to be healthy both physically and mentally. To enjoy a happy and successful life, it is most essential that we must be healthy in body and mind. Never use tobacco products such as cigarettes, snuff, chewing tobacco, cigars and pipe tobacco.
What Is The Way To Good Healthy?

1. The first rule is to breathe in fresh air.
2. The second rule to drink plenty of pure water (or) boiled water.
3. The third rule is to eat plain wholesome food.
4. The fourth rule is to get enough sleep and rest with relax.
5. The fifth rule is to keep ourselves and your surroundings clean with body and mind.
6. The sixth rule is to take suitable physical exercises, such as walking, playing sports and regularly.
Physical exercises make us fit, fresh and healthy. Any form of alcohol is harmful to your body and spirit.
7. The seventh rule is to excrete from internal body regularly.
Everyone used to say that health is wealth. But health is actually much more valuable than wealth.
Prevention is better than cure. I’ll temper, anger (or) hatred, dissatisfaction and sadness, stress and strain and worry upset our body mechanism and make us sick. So we must develop loving kindness, good will, generosity and unselfishness to drive away bad moods and evil feelings. To keep our mind healthy is not less important than to keep our body healthy.
It is my wish that youth should appreciate:

1. A language and another language,
2. A nationality and another nationality,
3.A culture and another culture,
4.A religious doctrine and another religious doctrine,
5.A family and another family,
6.A community and another community,
7.A political party and another political party,
8.A country and another country,
9.Between grandparents and grand children,
10.Beteen parents and children,
11.Between teacher and pupils,
12.Between youth and adults,
13.Between government and people,
14.Between employers and employees,
15.Between husband and wife,
16.Between sellers and buyers,
17.Between elders and younger,
18.Between brothers and sisters,
19.Between seniors and juniors,
20.Between rich man and poor man,
21.Between eastern world and western world,
22.Between western culture and eastern culture,
23.White persons and black person,
24.Yellow persons and brown persons,
25.Tall persons and short persons,
26.Patient persons and short tempered persons,
27.High standard persons and low standard persons,
28.Healthy persons and sickly persons,
29.loving persons and unloving persons,
30.Polite persons and rude persons,
31.Male and female,
32.Optimists and pessimists,
33.Beautiful persons and ugly persons,
34.Good moral behaviour and bad moral behaviour,
35.Good man and wicked man,
36.Educated persons and uneducated persons,
37.Right understanding and wrong understanding,
38.Right thinking and wrong thinking, etc as it is in the World and in the Burma(Myanmar) on sundry ways and diversity.
Honour your parents by showing love and respect for them and by being obedient. Be willing to health in the home with chores that need to be done. Participate in family activities and traditions. Set a good example for other family members.
Do you part to build to a happy home? Be cheerful, helpful and considerate of others. Many problems in the homes are created because families members speak are act selfishly (or) unkindly. Concern yourself with the needs of other family members. Seek to be a peacemaker rather than to tease, fight and quarrel.
Parents under any circumstances should avoid from quarreling, acting rudely, divorcing between themselves, threatening to get divorced occasionally, speaking very rudely. As these kinds of behaviour seriously hurt the feelings of the children, the parents should refrain from creating such scenes in front of them. The parents should be aware that if they keep on quarreling now and then, the children would feel isolated and insecure for their future and the health of their mind is threatened.
Naturally, the children yearn for kindness and love from their elders, parents and teachers, if they are loved, they also reciprocate similarly. They desire their family to have between parents and children, brothers and sisters, among sisters themselves.
Parents should provide love and care to their children all the time, should answer their queries with patience must be able to explain to them the do's and the don't s. It is also necessary to avoid being too disciplined, too, liberal, too favouring and to refrain from being extreme.
The parents should be patient with their children, they must teach their children with perseverance. They must be able to teach their children to understand the good and the bad, beginning right from the basics. If the parents themselves cannot be patient with their own, children then who else would be so. Good manners are something our parents and other adults usually teach us as a child.
Having good manners means showing honor and respect to everyone around you. It means being polite. It includes humility, humanitarian outlook, compassion, loving kindness and understanding. Parents, teachers and other adults should always be examples of good manners. If adults are rude to children, then children will learn to be rude. If parents are impolite to each other, then children will learn to be impolite. If children hear one adult insulting another, they will learn to speak that ways, too.
There are three important things we must remember. Children's confidence in their parents are very important. Children regard their parents as their heroes, powerful benefactors. Parents are highly regarded and their confidants. Parents should understand that their actions and what they say are regarded as examples by the children.
The parent's genes, the environmental situation, model character, behaviour and qualifications etc.
Should be example for their children. Thus, it is important that the parents should have good mind, good character, good behaviour, good thinking, disciplined, law abiding and good mannered.
One must have love and respect for one's own country, religion, literature, family, culture, nationality for all in the same way. They love and respect to their country, their religion, their literature, their family, their culture and their nationality.
Every person should possess some moral courage to lead a useful life. We should have courage to do what is right and to abstain from evil deeds. We should have courage to speak the truth and about democracy and human rights and to speak out in the public. We should be courageous to stand for our rights. When we encounter losses and unpleasantness in life, we must have courage to be cheerful and to try again. We should develop both physical courage and moral courage as much as we can.
Then, courage is most essential for everybody. One of the most admired virtues of man is courage. A courageous man is always respected, loved and honoured whereas a coward is reproached by all. But there are two kinds of courage. They are the physical courage and the moral courage. The physical courage is the ability to face men’s blame, scorn, anger and all sorts of difficulty in life. The moral courage is the ability to do what is right and avoid what is wrong. It is very rare to find both types of courage in the same person.
Service to others is one of the most important characteristics of disciple of Lord Buddha and Lord Jesus Christ. A disciple is willing to bear other people’s burdens, stress and to comfort those who need comfort. Often the most important service is expressed through simple, everyday acts of loving kindness. Your heart will be filled with love.
Choose your friends carefully. They will greatly influence how you think and act and even help determine the persons you will become. Choose friends who share your values so you can strengthen and encourage each other in living high standards. A true friend will encourage you to be your best self. To have good friends, be a good friend yourself. Show interest in others and let them know you care about them. Treat everyone with kindness and respect.
Then the way you dress in a reflection of what you are on the inside. Your dress and grooming send messages about you to others and influence the way you and other act. When you are well groomed and modestly dressed, you invite the companionship of the spirit and can exercise a good influence on those around you.
Never lower dirty your dress standards for any occasion. Doing so sends the message that you are using your body to get attention and approval and that modesty is important only when it is convenient.
Everyone should also maintain modesty in their appearance.
We are responsible to choose the right away.

You will feel good about yourself and will be a positive influence in the lives of others. You will be worthy to go to the temple (or) pagoda to receive teachings ordinances. These blessings and many more can be yours. You pray for each of you. May you keep your minds and bodies clean from the sins of the world so you can do the great work that lies before you.
Be willing to work diligently and make sacrifices to obtain learning Education is an investment that brings great rewards. You live in a competitive world where a good education opens the doors of opportunity that may otherwise be closed to you.
The teachers and parents want you to educate your mind and improve your skills and abilities. Education will help you to be an influence for good in the world. It will help you better provide for yourself and your loved ones and those in need.
There are different kinds of countries, races, thoughts, religions, such as Chinese/China, Indian/India, Burmese/Burma, English/England, Japanese/ Japan, American/U.S.A and Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim. These factors were very important of the World and everyone. It must not be neglected. But the essential factor is not races, religions, positions, etc.
Mental attitude, honesty, diligence, character, unity, patience, justice, optimism, forgiveness, love, mercy, peace, open-minded, sacrifice, humility, moral ethics, etc are more important above all.
Everyone has the right to freedom of speech, the right to freedom of thought, conscience, religion, opinion and expression, peace, security of person. Everyone must be recognition and respect for the human rights and human dignity others.
One must be able to one self analyze. Each and every one of us should follow and live according to the teachings of one's own religion. The one who does not respect another's culture and religion does not respect his own. The one who respects another's culture and religion respects his own.
All the teachings concerning culture, thoughts, opinion, beliefs and practices are valuable in their own ways. The important factor is that the follower of the concerned religion must follow the teachings sincerely. I appreciate the teachings of other religions and the appreciation of other nationalities and their culture are all noble and valuable in their own way.
There cannot be 100% similarities among religions, nationalities, any opinions, cultures, philosophies, skin hues, mental attitudes, sex, language, political, social origin, property, visions of people in the World. There would be more beneficence from performance of seeing with love and sympathetic mind (with optimistic view) for a particular thing rather than blaming or extreme criticize (with a pessimistic view) in contrast to others.
The following "GET TO KNOW 100 TOPICS" is to be taken into consideration to assist happy life for every individual including refugee and asylum seekers.
Read any newspaper. Look at television, internet (or) listen to the radio. There are so many stories of crime, war, persecution, pessimism, oppression, hardship, inhumanity, disaster, injustice, harm and terrorism! Think about yourself own troubles. Perhaps illness (or) sorry (or) death of a loved one is causing you great distress.
Where can we find help to cope with our problems?
I believe that the following my 100 topics helps satisfying answers to these question.
1. To purify the mind.
2. To do what is good.
3. To be polite.
4. To be good in character.
5. To be self confidence.
6. To have self control.
7. To have self discipline.
8. To have self respect.
9. To do self verification.
10. To do loving kindness.
11. To have hygiene and health.
12. To have patience.
13. To do logical reason.
14. To do excellent performance.
15. To be truthful.
16. To be honest.
17. To have good behaviour.
18. To do charity.
19. To do insight meditation.
20. To do right speech.
21. To do right action.
22. To do right livelihood.
23. To do right effort.
24. To do right mindfulness.
25. To do right concentration.
26. To do right thought.
27. To do right understanding.
28. To have perseverance.
29. To do pure love.
30. To do compassion.
31. To have sympathetic mind.
32. To do mutual respect.
33. To do mutual understanding.
34. To do mutual profit.
35. To do mutual improvement.
36. To do the best.
37. To be noble minded.
38. To be harmonious minded.
39. To have objective realism.
40. To have sobriety.
41. To have knowledge.
42. To be optimistic view.
43. To have a happy family.
44. To be high educated.
45. To be Maintain self preservation.
46. To be practice pity.
47. To have forgiveness.
48. To have appreciation.
49. To be fair minded (open-minded).
50. To be justice and peace.
51. To have self improvement.
52. To have humanitarian outlook.
53. To have humility.
54. To have religious person.
55. To have love and respect to the elderly (senior) person.
56. To have love and respect to the same age person.
57. To have love and pity to the younger (junior) person.
58. To have love and respect to your parents, your benefactors, your teachers, your school,
your religion, your nationality and everyone.
59. To have sharp and bravery.
60. To have sporting spirit.
61. To have scientific hypothesis.
62. To have scientific observation.
63. To have scientific simplicity.
64. To have scientific programmed.
65. To have physical development.
66. To have mental development.
67. To have faithful to spouse.
68. To have skillful in work.
69. To have moral ethics and etiquette.
70. To have any law and disciplines shall be abide by.
71. To abstain from all evil.
72. To abstain from killing.
73. To abstain from stealing.
74. To abstain from sexual misconduct.
75. To abstain from telling lies.
76. To abstain from intoxication.
77. To abstain from tale-bearing.
78. To abstain from harsh speech.
79. To abstain from idle talk.
80. To abstain from doubt.
81. To abstain from unlawful action.
82. To abstain from rudeness.
83. To abstain from dishonesty.
84. To abstain from immorality.
85. To abstain from doing error.
86. To abstain from selfishness.
87. To abstain from inferiority complex.
88. To abstain from any persecution.
89. To abstain from shamelessness.
90. To abstain from gossip.
91. To abstain from jealousy.
92. To abstain from ignorant action.
93. To abstain from wicked action.
94. To abstain from pessimism.
95. To abstain from being extreme.
96. To abstain from wrong speech.
97. To abstain from wrong thought.
98. To abstain from wrong understanding.
99. To abstain from wrong action.
100. To abstain from narrow minded.
These above good 100 visions qualities are necessary to be perfect. The teachings of Lord Buddha and Lord Jesus Christ contributes to clean state of mind, politeness, good character, bearing moral behaviour, morality, honest, improving reasoning power, good qualifications, loving kindness, forgiveness, etc.
Lord Buddha preaches to the Beloved ones, that one hand is washed by the other hand. So does the foot. Similarly, moral is to be cleansed by intellect and vice versa.
The sages (wise men) of ancient time’s advice: "A horse can be drawn to the pond. However, a horse with no desire to drink water cannot be forced to drink ".So, the students and the youth to be good qualified and disciplined ones, they have to learn from the wise men, elders, parents and teachers.
Hence, it is evident that all the religions of the world bestow upon us the way to success, prosperity and happiness. In my opinion, if all of us sincerely obey the teachings accordingly, the World would be a happy place to live.
Hence, it is evident that all the religions of the world bestow upon us the way to success, prosperity and happiness. In my opinion, if all of us sincerely obey the teachings accordingly, the World would be a happy place to live.
May there be happiness and peace for those who are living in the World.
May there be able to work most truly.

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